Unearthed remains

Heap many moons ago, I used to write. Not just movie reviews and other sundry opinions but actually tell stories. This is a snippet of something from what would have been a book called “Ring of Fire”.

Aporia – ONE

He was late. Again. It might not have been so bad if it weren’t for the slight, cold, drizzling rain that felt like a storm of tiny mosquitoes against her skin. Phoebe had thought about sitting inside where it was warm and dry, but was too anxious to sit and decided against pacing in the […]

A Fairy Tale…

Once upon a time, there were three little piggies. One piggy built a house made out of straw, one piggy had a house made of wood and piggy had a house made of bricks. One day, a big bad wolf, hungry and cruel, came to the first piggy’s house made of straw. He towered before […]

A Little Night Music

One from the Way Back Machine, c. 1995 Another Friday night was winding down at Johnnie’s. It was a few minutes after one in the morning and a steady, light rain tapped impatiently against the big, front window. It added soft percussion to the guitar’s plaintive cry from the club’s speakers. Scott Henderson was behind […]


Of all the rare books he appraised, most came in some kind of protection–plastic bags, humidified cases, sometimes simply wrapped in cloth.

This one came inside a battered gray fire safe.