Ramblings from a Thursday Morning Meeting

I’ve said at least once before that corporate meetings are God’s way of saying you have too much time on your hands. After almost a year back in the private sector and my opinion really hasn’t changed. Of course, the meetings I’ve attended recently haven’t done anything to change my mind. As “Exhibit A”, I […]

9,131 Yesterdays Ago: Mosaic

One martini in and things are going relatively smoothly – or at least how I expected it would. Mostly there were people there I knew, or rather, that I knew of in school. All in all, it went pretty painlessly until someone utters five fateful words to me:

Rules of the Road

I-45 just south of Dallas is a flat straight piece of road that cuts across flat, straight and amazingly uninteresting terrain. Call it the visual equivalent of Muzak. Heap many moons ago, I subjected myself to this stretch of asphalt while on a brief road trip with my friend, Hector. Once we had exhausted all […]

A Simple Introduction to Guys Like Me

Something from the Way Back Machine, updated just a skosh. I remember it was a Sunday afternoon many years ago as I sat on my bed, somewhere between heaven and hell, briefly wondering what belt went well with a single man and khakis. Really, it wasn’t a difficult choice; it was one I made day […]


Yes, I know I’ve been gone for a while now, but it’s not like I’ve been off being a man of leisure, nosiree. The last few weeks have been busy, busy, busy; mostly working with Red Carpet Crash to cover the Dallas International Film Festival. So far, as my first and only festival experience, I […]

Musings From The Morning Train Ride – March 30, 2010

There’s a guy sitting across from me reading a book on Biblical doctrine by Charles Ryrie. Ryrie was a good scholar, if I remember correctly. I haven’t read him, of course, since my fire-breathing fundie days. It used to be that I would think someone reading that would be a pretty nice fellow. Now, I […]

Musings From The Morning Train Ride

For those of you who are unable to or are just loathe to give up their favorite internal combustion driven mode of transportation, riding the light rail to work is an absolute blessing. Sure, I have to be out of the house extra early, but the ride never changes: forty-five minutes from the Oakest of […]