Day Thirteen

So here I am with pockets full of good intentionsBut none of them will comfort me tonightI’m wide awake at four a.mWithout a friend in sightHanging on a hope but I’m alright… We spend so much time presenting a brave face. Smile and say, “It’s OK.” It’s a much bigger lie than, “The devil doesn’t […]

Day Twelve

And today is another day.The aftermath. Depression storms are worse than being blackout drunk. At least being drunk, I can blame the alcohol. With depression, I’m the only one to blame. But the storm passes, in time, and the clouds pass and the sun shines again. In time.In time.Tick.Tock. Another drop of that which will […]

Day Eleven

The worst thing about working from home is that I used to be able to at least pretend that I have friends.

Day Ten

Another day, another dollar, another day spent staring at a stupid computer monitor. It keeps the light on and food on the table it also keeps me from thinking about how shitty this life is. What would I be doing without this screen? I’d probably be sitting in a different room staring at a different […]