Day Ten

Another day, another dollar, another day spent staring at a stupid computer monitor. It keeps the light on and food on the table it also keeps me from thinking about how shitty this life is. What would I be doing without this screen? I’d probably be sitting in a different room staring at a different screen. And if not, maybe I’d be somewhere else looking at an even bigger screen.

In any case, the result is the same. It’s more time that I can ignore the unfortunate truth of how alone I am and how crap my life is.

Though, for the record, crying at home alone is underrated.

Crying alone in public sucks! Everybody stares at you. And it’s not just the staring, it’s that damned pitying look that comes with it.

Poor man…
Poor bastard…
Look at that sad fucker.”
I guess it really just all depends on their temperament.

Crying at home usually gets you a few minutes behind on whatever you were otherwise doing. Crying in public usually gets you kicked out of whatever bar you’re in.

If I kicked everyone out of my life who didn’t put the same effort into our friendship as I did, I’d be alone.

Oh wait, I am.

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