Day Five

“Dear ——,

“I’d originally written out this long overwrought mess and then realized that what I wanted to say was quite simple.

“I’m sorry.

“I was a horrible human being in my youth. At the very least, I had the emotional maturity of a maladjusted four-year old. It took me years to develop the self-awareness to fix that. I realize this may be something you’re forgotten or only exists for you as something to be passed as a cautionary tale, but I’ve spent more than a few nights thinking about this and wishing I hadn’t been such a stupid, detestable little shit back then.

“Once again, I’m sorry.
I hope this finds you well.

“Wow. It took me a bit to place you. Sorry but you have a common name. Really you have nothing to apologize for.

“Honestly, I really don’t remember a whole bunch about that time. Where did we meet again?

That crushing moment you realise that person who meant so much to you, who occupied so much of your heart barely remembers you or anything about you.

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