Day Three

What is there to say about the loneliness? I could state the obvious and just say it sucks, but I actually think I’m OK with it. I’ve spent years on my own – even in crowds, at work, at restaurants – you name it.

Being alone ain’t too bad.

But that’s being alone when I want to be alone. There are some times where I don’t want to be alone – times that come more frequently the older I get – and those are the times I hate. Though, again, it’s really not even the being alone that bothers me. It’s all those people who have wandered through my life who told me, “I’m there if you ever need me.” Or, “I’ll always be there for you.” Or “I’ll never go.”

That’s the shit that bothers me.
It’s not the ones who have stormed off that I missed.
It’s all the ones who have just faded away.

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