Starting the Last Year Ever.

It’s been over a year since I decided to put anything here. Not for any lack of things to say but I think mostly because I just felt what I had to say wasn’t that terribly important.

And really, who’s listening?

However now, this year seemed a little different. I’m generally not one to fall for hype or superstition but I started thinking about it: what if… what if all this Aztec stuff is true and the world comes to a very abrupt end on the Winter Solstice of this year. It certainly is a curious mental exercise to put one’s self through.

Still, what if?

What if all that we have ever known as life is just suddenly blasted out of existence, pulverized into dust, scattered on solar winds. No one left to weep or mourn or even say, “Hey, remember that time humanity got drunk and put a lampshade on its head?”

No one left to remember.
If nothing else, I want to remember. At least for a little while.

I want to remember this year. What might be tantamount to making a New Year’s resolution, I’m going to try to write a little something every morning – just to remember. Most likely, the solstice this year will come and go like it does every year; all of us buzzing about in our self-important little existences bundling up and buying presents or what not.

But just in case…

One thought on “Starting the Last Year Ever.

  1. I am listening hon. Not all the time, but still go back and stalk over what I have missed in the last month (or year). Maybe you and I can’t hope to be in the same conversation without fireworks, but I still carry you in my heart.

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