Drowning In The Kool-Aid

I got to go see an overly-hyped movie last night that I probably shouldn’t mention by name. It was a family affair since the missus and daughter Lili were there as well in official reviewing capacity. Me? I was just taking up to take up a seat.

X amount of minutes later after some isolated polite-ish applause and widespread indifferent silence; I caught up with the rest of the family to discuss the movie. As a group, we decided that the film was a disappointment. I, in fact, tweeted as much. I got a few frowny faces in reply, but the one that has driven me to my keyboard this morning is one I’ve heard repeated a couple of since is this. And I paraphrase:

“Yeah I know, but I’m going to see it anyway.”

I don’t get it. And then people bitch that Hollywood does nothing but turn out mediocre crap. Well, here’s a news flash for you: They’re going to if you keep going to see movies you already know are crap. Really. I mean should “Transformers 2” have made ANY money? How about “2012”? No, not one thin dime. Instead, people rationalize their choice, “Well, I’m just going for the effects.” Or “I just want to see Megan Fox in short-shorts bent over a motorcycle.” It’s maddening. If you’ve ever had to rationalize going to some crapfest, turn in your Bitch card now. You don’t have any right to complain anymore. You are decidedly part of the problem and not part of the solution. Oh, and if you happen to do it around me, there’s a good chance of you getting punched in your gods-given reproductive bits.

You have been warned.

It just seems to me that too many people buy in to what the studios are pushing just because it features their favorite actor or director. Never mind the fact that they are just churning out the same crap over and over or that the movie sucks like a hooker when the fleet’s in. It’s like fake throwing a ball to your dog – except that eventually, the dog figures out you’re not throwing anything.

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