Musings From The Morning Train Ride – March 30, 2010

There’s a guy sitting across from me reading a book on Biblical doctrine by Charles Ryrie. Ryrie was a good scholar, if I remember correctly. I haven’t read him, of course, since my fire-breathing fundie days. It used to be that I would think someone reading that would be a pretty nice fellow. Now, I […]

Just Call Me Ranty McRantypants

If you hate all the “socialism” in our country… Take your kids out of public schools. Don’t use public utilities. Don’t call the police or fire department when you’re in trouble. Stay off the paved roads. I think you get the picture.

Musings From The Morning Train Ride

For those of you who are unable to or are just loathe to give up their favorite internal combustion driven mode of transportation, riding the light rail to work is an absolute blessing. Sure, I have to be out of the house extra early, but the ride never changes: forty-five minutes from the Oakest of […]

Drowning In The Kool-Aid

I got to go see an overly-hyped movie last night that I probably shouldn’t mention by name. It was a family affair since the missus and daughter Lili were there as well in official reviewing capacity. Me? I was just taking up to take up a seat.

The Toughest Six Minutes

I’ve finally gotten through the first six minutes of “Antichrist”. It’s not that it’s gruesome, violent, overly-bloody or pornographically sexual (well, if you’re not counting Willem Defoe’s stunt penis or Charlotte Gainsbourg stand-in vagina), it’s just…

Back Where We Started…

here we go ’round again. Well, the Great Drupal Experiment has failed. I really just didn’t have time to decipher the Rube Goldberg machine of CMSs that is Drupal. I’m sure it’s great and robust and versatile for enterprise uses and whatnot, but I’m just managing a humble personal site and I need something I […]